Junior Survivor

August 5-10, (Week 6) Ages: 10-12, $355

Junior Survivor is an excellent trip for first-timers. With the combined aspects of river
travel, skill-building, and friendly tribal competitions, it’s a week of non-stop wilder-
ness fun! We begin our trip on a lake or river, staying our first night at a camp site.

The trip then continues full of adventure and the possibility of sighting moose, deer
and eagles! Every evening the Bible comes alive with devotions around the campfire.

Note: There is at least one supervisor per four campers. We also may have to change the location of the trip due to the current river conditions and or water levels.



Note: Do NOT forget to download and mail the required registration form(s) for the camp of your choice. We appreciate the payment but we need the forms to set the kids up for camp, without them, we can not fully register the child.