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"A kid won't remember their best day of watching TV, but will remember a great day at camp".


Girls’ dorm project.

Flooding in Girls Dormitories 2014
We had quite a flood during the summer of 2013 in the area that our girls’ dorm occupy. It was a very exciting day and the girls made the best of it. However, there was quite a bit of damage to the buildings and now we are in great need of new dormitory housing for the girls.

Our girl’s dorm has had great deal of use over the past 30 years. The board of directors has voted that the time has come to replace it with six new 20′ x 24′ cottages to house 10 campers and 2 councilors in each. Our total goal is to raise $60,000, for the new dormitories. Our goal is to start demolition on the old dorm this fall, prepare the site and possibly erect a couple of the units. Demolition and construction will only begin when we have all the necessary funds on hand so that the project can be completed by the beginning of the 2016 camping season.

As part of this project we have started an Alumni Fund for one of the new girl’s cabins. Our prayer is for 100 alumni to participate and to be a part of this need for the camp. We are praying that 100 of our alumni will step up and donate $100.00 (U.S.) each. We currently have one half of the needed funds for the Alumni Cabin.

We are praying that all the funds will be on hand by Sept. 7th 2015 so that we may move forward with this much needed facility.

View our PDF on the new Girl Dormitories

Why Living Waters? 2016 Season

We offer a totally different vacation experience. Not only will you have an incredible time of recreation and rest, our service and sharing times will refuel your soul. You can praise God with song and listen to messages from God-fearing pastors and Bible scholars. You will be steeped in the truth of God’s word. Plus, you can bring the whole family.

Along with our family camp, we offer youth camps, sports camps, teen camps and wilderness adventure trips. Each week is packed with waterfront activities, horseback riding, fantastic evening events, and most importantly, the teaching of God’s word. Whether you are looking for a weekend retreat, a family get-away, or facility rental for your christian group, we are waiting for you, ready to serve.

Our threefold mission:

  1. Provide a safe atmosphere where
  2. children and adults can have a great time of physical activity, refreshment relaxation and
  3. where all can hear the Gospel as well as be challenged or a spiritual level and have an opportunity to respond to God’s life changing power.


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